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Pre-show rituals

I think sometimes people believe I show up at a gig and just start a-sanging. It's really a compliment that people think so much of my performance, but it's not quite that simple. There are a few things I do before an event to to ensure my audiences get the best experience (including the obvious things like packing up my gear, picking out my outfit, slapping on some makeup and trying to do something with my hair).

My most important pre-show activity is my vocal warm up. Just like an athlete before a competition, I've got to get everything loose and ready to go before I get in front of an audience. If I don't, the first half of my first set can be kinda dicey. Nobody wants to hear that.

My warm up ritual isn't complicated or difficult. As I'm dressing and making-up, I'll sing 2 or 3 songs that fall in the "sweet spot" range of my voice. I use the same songs each time (then I don't have to think about notes or lyrics) and I'll sing them a couple of times each. It's like muscle memory for my vocal chords. The downside is that it drives my kids bananas; they're sick of hearing the same 3 songs day after day, year after year. I tell them if they want to hear something else, they have to come to my gig. That shuts 'em up. ;)